Panzer Lehr UK
Panzer Lehr UK
Random photos 2011/ part 1.

Cobb's work searches for a timeless depiction, where everyday people transform themselves in response to a uniform, costume and location. Each individual's passion for history goes far beyond the surface layer of a uniform. Attention to detail and historical obsession transforms each individual into an era where time has stood still. 
Interested in the concept of modern day war correspondents embedded with military units, Cobb has spent over a year following Panzer Lehr Re-enactment group on an on going project.

Panzer Lehr UK depict soldiers serving in the 130th Panzer Division, regiment 902 . An elite unit formed in late 1943 to counter the Allied invasion threat.

As a multi award winning artist/illustrator, now photographer Cobb brings his painterly expertise and qualities into his work.

Location: UK.
Assistant : Frankie Preston
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