Night Train near Paris 1944
Panzer Lehr UK Re-enactment Group
Cobb's work is fascinated with the notion of actors and stage.

His work searches for a timeless depiction, where ordinary people transform themselves in response to a costume and location. Each individual's passion for history goes far beyond the surface layer of a uniform. Attention to detail and obsession transforms each individuals into a parallel universe where time has stood still.

Adopting the concept of an embedded war correspondent, Cobb documents the Panzer Lehr unit in various locations and scenarios. Here, capturing quiet moments of weary soldiers on an overnight train in France.

As a multi award winning artist/illustrator, now photographer Cobb brings his painterly expertise and qualities into his work.

Location: GCR Railway Leicester
Thanks to Panzer Lehr and Bruce at GCR for opening up the station and providing tea !
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