Cafe Tabac Normandie
Through the doorway
Cobb's work is fascinated by the notion actors and stage.

His work searches for a timeless depiction, where ordinary people transform themselves in response to a costume and location. Each individual's passion for history goes far beyond the surface layer of a uniform. Attention to detail and obsession transforms each individual into a parallel universe where time has stood still.

A bombed fragmented French cafe was constructed in a woodland clearing. Set in the time of wartime Normandie, Cobb photographed various models as they entered and frequented the Cafe Tabac. As battles raged outside, the cafe changed hands many times. Visitors included General Patton, French resistance fighters and the German Wehrmacht.

As a multi award winning creative, Cobb brings his painterly expertise and qualities into his work. For this series Cobb is particularly influenced by cinematic moments frozen in time.

Location: Military Odyssesy, Detling Kent.

Thanks to Rick, Mike, Al , Ruth and Anjie for their support and help.
Thanks to models:  Annie Andrews ( The 40's Starlet ), Stefan, Cat, Colin, Terry, Dan, Mike, Rick (and too many others to mention).

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